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This website is a beta version. The official release will be in **2024**.

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Welcome to the JSXGraph Examples Database. This site provides information and examples about the use of JSXGraph. At the moment there are **155 examples** and **54 tags** in this database.

About JSXGraph

JSXGraph is a browser based library for - interactive geometry, - function plotting, - graphs and - data visualization. It is completely written in JavaScript and everybody with a little experience with JavaScript shouldn't have problems using JSXGraph. Thanks to the dynamics of JavaScript JSXGraph is also very easy to extend and thanks to [AJAX]( many other softwarepackages can be integrated. If you have any question about JSXGraph or this documentation feel free to [contact us](

Version infos

Version of this site v1.1
Release 2021-12-20
Last example input 2024-06-12 08:11:58
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