Release of 1.9.2

Patch release

Dear friends of JSXGraph,

JSXGraph v1.9.2 is the next patch release, fixing a couple of errors, but also introducing a few new features.

This release contains incremental improvements of 3D handling. The trackball navigation has been much improved, there is now a third slider bank to control the view port, and first attempts to order elements according to their z-value have been implemented. Thanks go to @Vectornaut for doing this incredibly valuable work.

Beside 3D support, there is a new attribute nonnegativeOnly which controls how a negative circle radius or negative segment length should be treated. Previously, the absolute value was taken. Now, also the maximum of 0 and this value can be taken.

The most notable fixes are addressing a regression in construction of parallelograms, displaying of axis labels as fractions, automatic label placement, infinite growing of a JSXGraph container, and tangents on arcs and sectors. Moreover, printing support has been improved, as well as resizing of the JSXGraph container in general.

Thanks again to all contributors for programming, reporting bugs, and providing valuable suggestions.

If there are new regressions, please, do not hesitate to submit a report on github.

Finally, do not forget to submit talks and register for 5th JSXGraph conference on October 8-10, 2024 (online and free). The conference homepage is Everybody is invited to show her/his work with JSXGraph. Also, there will be a workshop with new features of JSXGraph in 2024.


Carsten Miller, Andreas Walter, and Alfred Wassermann