Release of 1.2.0

Major new release

JSXGraph version v1.2.0 contains many improvements over previous versions. Most notably is the support of the METAPOST path algorithm, see also The METAPOST paths were readily used to define new arrow heads (types 4, 5, 6). METAPOST paths can be used with the new element metapostspline. Ticks and hatches can now be set on arbitrary curves. Root finding has been improved considerably, and there is a new, still experimental plot algorithm which will offer function plots of higher quality (use it by setting the attribute plotVersion:4). For this, we implemented interval arithmetics in JSXGraph, which - up to now - can be used via JessieCode.

Further improvements include initial support of ARIA tags, better polygon / curve clipping, many bug fixes and lots of additions to the API docs.

This version received input (suggestions, bug reports, pull requests) from quite a few users. Many thanks to all of you! Special thanks goes to the guys from for many helpful suggestions and bug reports.

For a more detailed list of changes see


Matthias Ehmann, Michael Gerhäuser, Carsten Miller, Andreas Walter, and Alfred Wassermann