Release history

After moving to wordpress the original news about new releases are lost.

Here is a summary of previous releases:

  • 02/05/09

    Version 0.69 released

    JSXGraph can now be used with jQuery, too.</p>


    Category: General
    Posted by: admin
    The most notable feature of version 0.69 of JSXGraph is that no longer relies on the library Prototype only. Alternatively, jQuery can be used. Other new featers are tangents and normals on curves and a function which computes the Lagrange Polynomial through an array of points.
  • 01/23/09

    Version 0.68 released

    In the new release 0.68 the turtle is included as a full GeometryElement. The API for sliders has been changed. Sliders can now point in any direction.
    Category: General
    Posted by: admin
    The power of turtle graphics is demonstrated by a simulation of the SIR-model in Epidemiology, for example modelling SARS, also called the Hong Kong flu.
  • 12/21/08

    Turtle Graphics with JSXGraph

    It is possible to do turtle graphics with JavaScript now.
    Category: General
    Posted by: admin

    JSXGraph understands now turtle graphics. You have to include the additional file


    and you are done. See the wiki pages on this topic for  further information.</div> </li>

  • 12/17/08

    Version 0.67 – the Abracadabra release

    This release contains a magic trick which results in a huge performance boost for IE7. Dragging of points in a geometric construction now works smoothly even with IE7.
    Category: General
    Posted by: admin
    Other improvements: The ‘group’ object works with createElement, color improvements, bug fixes.
  • 12/15/08

    Version 0.66 released

    Bugfixes and speed improvements
    Category: General
    Posted by: admin
    Plotting works across singularities.
  • 12/05/08

    Version 0.65 released

    Release 0.65 is the latest official version of JSXGraph.
    Category: General
    Posted by: admin

    This release contains bug fixes, among them on e critical IE bug. All global variables are removed. The wiki contains more examples. One example is the online update of data computed with the Statistics software R on the web server. The connection is done with AJAX.

  • 11/28/08

    Version 0.60 released

    The newest version of JSXGraph has been released into the wild.
    Category: General
    Posted by: admin
    The new version 0.60 fixes many bugs, improves performance and adds a couple of new features, among them are many numerical algorithms, like spline curves. The iPhone displays JSXGraph, dragging points on the iPhone is not implemented yet.
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