Dynamic Mathematics with JavaScript

Release of 1.4.4

Maintenance release

JSXGraph release v1.4.4 is a patch release, which additionally introduces two new features. First, JSXGraph can now be used in shadowDOM. Thanks go to Holger Engels from who has sent in the original patch. In this release, fullscreen mode of JSXGraph constructions in shadowDOM do not yet work.... [Read More]

Release of 1.4.3

Maintenance release

Version v1.4.3 is a patch release. Most importantly, JSXGraph can now be used as ES6 module and contains multiple improvements in index.d.ts for TypeScript support. Other bug fixes can be seen in the CHANGELOG. Additionally, this release contains preliminary, experimental support of 3D elements. See the examples in [Read More]

Release of 1.4.2

Maintenance release

JSXGraph v1.4.2 is a patch release. It mainly fixes a code regression which prevented using JSXGraph on iOS versions below 13 and removes the 5 pixel bounding box of elements receiving focus in webkit browsers. Minor issues were beautifulScientificTickLabels for numbers with negative exponents and gradient fill colors... [Read More]

Release of 1.4.1

Maintenance release

Version 1.4.1 of JSXGraph is mostly a maintenance and bug fix release. Most notably, quite a few rough edges in the JessieCode math parser have been polished out. Resizing of the JSXGraph container (for example when changing the orientation of a handheld device) is handled now much better. Some bugs... [Read More]

Release of 1.4.0

Major new release

We are happy to be able to announce the release of JSXGraph v1.4.0. This new version brings several new elements and methods, as well as many improvements and bug fixes. The new element foreignobject (also available with the shortcut fo) allows to embed arbitrary HTML content,... [Read More]