Dynamic Mathematics with JavaScript

Release of 1.5.0

Major new release

Dear friends of JSXGraph, We are happy to announce the release of JSXGraph v1.5.0. With this release, JSXGraph got a major face lift: Github user @sritchie ported the JSXGraph source code from AMD to ES6 imports. Thanks also to @geometryzen for the extensive contributions and to all who... [Read More]

1.5.0 Release Candidate

Preview release

Dear friends of JSXGraph, JSXGraph got a major new update: Github user #sritchie ported the JSXGraph source code from AMD to ES6 imports. This will make JSXGraph ready for the future! What does these changes mean for users of JSXGraph? Hopefully nothing, beside that JSXGraph is now running again in... [Read More]

Release of 1.4.6

Patch release

JSXGraph release v1.4.6 is a patch release which additionally introduces a few new options and incrementally improves the 3D functionality (which is still consider experimental). Beside bug fixes mainly concerning a conflict between ARIA and text input, polygonal chains, and integral elements, this release improves clipping of elements and fullscreen... [Read More]

3. international JSXGraph conference

Online conference

Dear friends of JSXGraph, the schedule of the talks of the third international JSXGraph conference is online: We are looking forward to exciting topics and inspiring discussions. To all of you who have already registered: After clicking on the Submit registration… button you should have received a confirmation... [Read More]

Release of 1.4.5

Patch release

JSXGraph release v1.4.5 is a patch release, which additionally introduces two new features. First, geometry elements have now the new attribute rotatable. If set to false, the element can not be rotated with two fingers on touch devices. The other new feature is the new method <code class="language-plaintext... [Read More]