Dynamic Mathematics with JavaScript

Release of 0.99.4

Major new release

Version 0.99.4 of JSXGraph has just been released! It fixes quite a few bugs and introduces several long awaited features. Below, the most important new features are demonstrated with examples. For a list of all changes see the CHANGELOG. Further, we overhauled the web page of JSXGraph, I hope... [Read More]

Release of 0.99.3

Version 0.99.3 has just been released. It fixes an annoying bug introduced in 0.99.2 which prevented slider labels to be visible. Additionally, the documentation has been considerably extended in this release, see Another notable improvement is the unified treatment of points, texts and images. It is not... [Read More]

Release of version 0.99.2

The long-awaited release 0.99.2 (sorry, still not 1.0) contains a bunch of new elements: input, checkbox, button, reflexangle, nonreflexangle, majorsector, minorsector. Groups got an overhaul, it is now possible to rotate and scale groups. See the JSXGraph API reference for examples. Further, curve plotting got a major speed up,... [Read More]

Release of version 0.99

It’s out! We just released JSXGraph version 0.99. The most notable changes are a completely new plotting algorithm for function graphs and curves (If one wants to use the plotting algorithm of version 0.98, the attribute doAdvancedPlotOld:true can be supplied). Further, there are new elements: polarline, polarpoint, radicalaxis stepfunction... [Read More]

JSXGraph in epub3

We have been asked a couple of times if JSXGraph can be embedded into epub3 ebooks. Here is a small ebook example about the Theorem of Thales (as called in Germany). It is realized as fixed layout ebook and uses JSXGraph, based on JavaScript and... [Read More]