Dynamic Mathematics with JavaScript


Polar grid

Today, I just want to highlight one new example in the wiki showing a polar grid: grid Version 1.00.0 is still not available in the CDN. But we are in contact with the adminstrators of CDNJS and they try to locate the cause of the... [Read More]


Intersection of curves, polygons, and circles

In the JSXGraph wiki there are now several examples for intersection of curves, polygons, and circles. The clipping algorithm is an implementation of the Greiner-Hormann algorithm. Please, report failures. The new examples are: Due to a wrong git tag,... [Read More]

Release of 1.00.0

Major new release

Here it is: The much awaited version 1.00.0 of JSXGraph has been released! After 12 years of development we think JSXGraph is more than ready to leave with version 1.00.0 the unofficial beta-status. We heartfully thank all the developers out there who use JSXGraph since many years to produce mathematical... [Read More]

JSXGraph related workshops

Create learning material for moodle

Dear friends of JSXGraph, we are happy to announce that since November 2018 JSXGraph is funded by the European Union in form of the Erasmus+ project ITEMS: (See also the list of project partners). Part of this project will be several workshops in the next months on... [Read More]

Release of 0.99.7

Major new release

Here it is: The much awaited version 0.99.7 of JSXGraph has been released! There are a few new elements and many new features. We are especially happy that we received many requests for new features from active JSXGraph users. New elements comb cardinalspline <a... [Read More]