Release of 1.2.3

Patch release

JSXGraph version v1.2.3 contains small improvements and bug fixes, and some new experimental features, see Most notable are

  • Add Typescript definition file index.d.ts (not yet complete). Thanks to David Holmes for the contribution!!!
  • KaTeX support (useKatex:true)
<!doctype html>
<script type="text/javascript" charset="UTF-8"
<link rel="stylesheet" type="text/css" 
    href="" />

<link rel="stylesheet" href="" 
<script src="" 
<div id="jxgbox" class="jxgbox" style="width:600px; height:600px; border:1px solid black;"></div>
<script type="text/javascript">
JXG.Options.text.useKatex = true;

var board = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('jxgbox', {boundingbox: [-1, 10, 11, -2], axis: true});
var a = board.create('slider',[[-0.7,1.5],[5,1.5],[0,0.5,1]], {
    unitLabel: ' \\text{ ms}', 

    func = board.create('functiongraph',[function(x){return (a.Value()*x*x)}], {strokeColor: "red"}),
    txt1 = board.create('text', [5, 1, function(){ 
            return 'a(t_1)= { 1 \\over ' + a.Value().toFixed(3) + '}';
        }], {fontSize: 15, fixed:true, strokeColor:'red', anchorY: 'top'});

  • board.fullUpdate() updates size info of text elements. This is helpful for JSXGraph constructions which are initialised in a hidden parent element, resulting in misplaced text elements. When the board becomes visible, now a call of board.fullUpdate() is sufficient to correct the position of the text elements. This can be triggered in an event listener (by the developer). See an example at


Matthias Ehmann, Michael Gerhäuser, Carsten Miller, Andreas Walter, and Alfred Wassermann