JSXGraph related workshops

Create learning material for moodle

Dear friends of JSXGraph, we are happy to announce that since November 2018 JSXGraph is funded by the European Union in form of the Erasmus+ project ITEMS: https://itemspro.eu/ (See also the list of project partners).

Part of this project will be several workshops in the next months on creation of learning materials.

  • First, there is an online course-seminar “Creating Moodle FORMULAS type questions for STEM subjects”. Date: March 18th to April 8th 2019. This free course / seminar is organized on behalf of the SCORE project and in collaboration with the ITEMS project.
    SCORE and ITEMS are European ERASMUS+ KA2 projects aimed at developing Maths and Physics materials in the Moodle platform.
  • Second, there will be the workshop on “Creation of research-based digital materials (Moodle) to develop STEM competences”. It is a free course organized by Center for Mobile Learning with Digital Technology, University of Bayreuth in collaboration with Alicante University. It will take place in Alicante (Spain) from September 3rd to September 6th 2019. Information can be found at the workshop website and at schooleducationgateway.eu.

Hope to see some of you in person in Alicante!

Best wishes, Alfred