Use the MediaWiki extension for JSXGraph

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Download the MediaWiki extension here.

Include a GEONExT file

To display the above example, a GEONExT file has to be uploaded and the following code has to be included in a MediWiki page:

<jsxgraph height="500" width="600" filename="Wuerfel_drehbar_dreieck.gxt" />

Include JavaScript source code

<script type="text/javascript" src="/distrib/GeonextReader.js"></script>
<jsxgraph height="500" width="600" board="board"  box="jxgbox2">
board = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('jxgbox2', {boundingbox: [-10, 10, 14, -10]});
var a = board.create('slider', [[1,8],[5,8],[0,1,4]]);
var b = board.create('slider', [[1,9],[5,9],[0,0.25,4]]);
var c = board.create('curve', [function(phi){return a.Value()+b.Value()*phi; }, [0, 0], 0, 8*Math.PI],
{curveType:'polar', strokewidth:4});      

Include GEONExT string

Include a GEONExT construction as string: The attribut filestring contains the content of a GEONExT file.

<jsxgraph height="500" width="600" filestring="eNrtnXtv2zgSwP+2P4WAAE ... F/VMRG8q5ofzj6fn11fuv8Hn24cYA==" />