Browser event and coordinates

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This example shows how to add a point whenever the user clicks on the board. The function getMouseCoords extracts the click coordinates from the event object and returns a JXG.Coords object with the point's coordinates on the board. The for loop in the event listener is to check if there is already a point as we don't want to create a point in this case.

The JavaScript Code

var getMouseCoords = function(e, i) {
        var cPos = board.getCoordsTopLeftCorner(e, i),
            absPos = JXG.getPosition(e, i),
            dx = absPos[0]-cPos[0],
            dy = absPos[1]-cPos[1];

        return new JXG.Coords(JXG.COORDS_BY_SCREEN, [dx, dy], board);
    down = function(e) {
        var canCreate = true, i, coords, el;

        if (e[JXG.touchProperty]) {
            // index of the finger that is used to extract the coordinates
            i = 0;
        coords = getMouseCoords(e, i);

        for (el in board.objects) {
            if(JXG.isPoint(board.objects[el]) && board.objects[el].hasPoint(coords.scrCoords[1], coords.scrCoords[2])) {
                canCreate = false;

        if (canCreate) {
            board.create('point', [coords.usrCoords[1], coords.usrCoords[2]]);
    board = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('jxgbox', {boundingbox: [-5,5,5,-5], axis: true});

    board.on('down', down);