Share JSXGraph: example "Fullscreen mode"

Share JSXGraph: example "Fullscreen mode"
This website is a beta version. The official release will be in **2024**.
This feature maybe useful in classrooms: the teacher wants to show the whole class a JSXGraph construction from an eLearning platform like moodle. By clicking either on the *fullscreen icon* in the JSXGraph navigation bar or on the external fullscreen button, the construction is shown fullscreen mode.
<button onClick="board.toFullscreen()">Fullscreen</button>
// Define the id of your board in BOARDID

const board = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard(BOARDID, {
    axis: true,
    boundingbox: [-5, 5, 5, -5],
    showFullscreen: true
var plot = board.create('functiongraph', ['nthroot(x, 3)'], {
    withLabel: true,
    name: 'nthroot(x,3)'