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Construction of a line

A line needs two points. Lets construct two points "A" and "B".

var b = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('jxgbox', {originX: 200, originY: 100, unitX: 50, unitY: 50});
var p1 = b.createElement('point',[-1,1], {name:'A',style:6});
var p2 = b.createElement('point',[2,-1], {name:'B',style:6});

Then we construct a line through "A" and "B". The setting of a new color and changing the stroke-width is not necessary.

var li = b.createElement('line',["A","B"], {strokeColor:'#00ff00',strokeWidth:2});

Generally it is better to use JavaScript variables and not Geometry-Element names when constructing. Now, we do the same examples with JavaScript variables. Further, we don't show the whole line, but only a segment. To show another variation, we use a dashed line style.

var li2 = b.createElement('line',[p1,p2], 
 {straightFirst:false, straightLast:false, strokeWidth:2, dash:2});