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There are various possibilities to display curves and plots. JSXGraph supports the following curve types which can be set by changing the property "curveType". In many cases JSXGraph can guess the curveType from the input parameters, but sometimes the curveType has to be set explicitly.

  • 'plot': function plotter
  • 'parameter': parameter curves.
  • 'graph': data plot
  • 'polar': polar curves

Function plotter - curveType:'plot'

First, we initialize the board and set axes:

var b = JXG.JSXGraph.initBoard('jxgbox', {originX: 200, originY: 200, unitX: 20, unitY: 20});        
axisx = b.createElement('axis', [[1,0], [0,0]], {});
axisy = b.createElement('axis', [[0,1], [0,0]], {});

As an example we now plot a sine curve from -π to 4π.

b.createElement('curve', ['x',function(x){return Math.sin(x);},'x',-Math.PI,2*Math.PI],{curveType:'plot'});