The event will be composed of two tracks: workshop and conference. We stretched the 1. International JSXGraph Conference to three days. The online sessions will be roughly two hours in the morning and afternoon. The schedule will respect the location and the timezone of the speakers.

We hope that the online format encourages fruitful discussion and collaboration among users from all over the world.

Conference topics:

  • Usage of JSXGraph in
    • for learning / teaching
    • e-Learning environments: moodle, ilias, STACK
    • dynamic visualizations
  • Best practices
  • Tools
  • Presentation of new JSXGraph developments

Contributed talks / workshops

  • There will be a number of time slots for contributed talks or workshops. Please, submit your contribution soon.
  • We encourage all JSXGraph users and developers to
    • report about their concepts, experience, and workflow,
    • present their applications and best practices,
    • discuss pedagogical concepts involving JSXGraph.


Additionally, we plan sessions about exploring JSXGraph applications in different teaching levels (University and school education) and subjects.

  • JSXGraph beginner
  • JSXGraph advanced
  • STACK+JSXGraph
  • sketchometry (English and German workshop)


Center of Mobile Learning with Digital Technology at the University of Bayreuth, Germany.